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Cleaning for special (technical) applications

One of the main raw material components of DISKO special cleaning, with the exception of the jet cleaner, primary alcohol. Parts, damaged by high flammability of this commodity such as rubber rollers, not. The addition of special additives arise several cleaning products for diverse applications. For example, the magnetic head and sensor cleaner completely residue-free and not electrically conductive, and has the rubberrolreiniger be able to rubber surfaces, not only to clean but also to recondition / revitalize, so that the surface of the rubber roller again elastic and grip solidifies.

DISKO special cleaner is also particularly suitable for the removal of various types of stubborn dirt on plastic surfaces of hardware.

In short DISKO special cleaning versatile offering. The products are skin-and environmentally friendly. Tested in accordance with DIN 1995. Product Data Sheets are available