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The diversity of the DISKO product range

For more than 30 years, the international DISKO group develops, produces and delivers high quality and safe cleaning and maintenance products for a wide range of hardware. DISKO has his own production center in Vienna / Austria and is active in almost every European country as well in the USA.

There are more than 80 different DISKO cleaning products available. From cleaning sets and cleaning fluid in bottles for synthetic surfaces and screens till cleaning cards and cleaning foils for electronic payment equipment like ATM’s, POS terminals, parking machines and gaming equipment.

All the DISKO products are 100% safe for all synthetic and other sensitive surfaces, rubber roller surfaces, electronic parts and optical sensors. We offer the best cleaning cards for every card reader such as our patented cleaning card for chip contacts. The most of our cleaning cards can be used multiple time. This safes costs and contributes the reduction of waste.

DISKO products are distinguished by its economical use, effectiveness and safety. The products are skin-friendly, biodegradable, antistatic and often non- flammable (syntactic and screen cleaner) . The products are available in various packaging’s. For more information: or contact us: .