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Why is cleaning of hardware important?

Hardware has become an essential part of every work environment. Without a properly functioning of hardware would no organization survive long. Well-functioning and clean hardware has a direct positive impact on the quality of the business process as well as the hygienic level and representativeness within the organization.

Dirt is one of the most important causes of hardware failures and the negative perception of the work environment. PC’s , laptops, keyboards, screens and mousses are often extremely dirty. Research has shown that work equipment (hardware) is often more contaminated as a toilet seat.

Dirt-sensitive components of hardware, like card readers, banknote- and coin validators and the internal site of PC’s, will show sooner disruptions caused by the presence of dust, dirt and skin oils. More than 35% of all hardware related issues / problems have a direct link with pollution.

Regular cleaning of hardware contributes to less failures, and therefore less maintenance costs. The appearance and the hygienic level of the work environment , as well as the quality and employee satisfaction, will be positively affected by a safe, effective and regular cleaning of hardware equipment