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Efficente logistics service

DISKO provides efficient logistics service
Timely deliver the right supplies for your customers is a time-consuming process that logistics is not always the right people and resources to present. DISKO take care of everything and provides optimum logistics service for the delivery of supplies. In our warehouse, all products are carefully stored and stocked. With the right people and with a good knowledge of the facts, we can process each shipment quickly, efficiently and at low costs.

DISKO delivers on time
From small packages to full pallets, DISKO  ensures that the end user receives the desired products on time. So you can focus on your core business. The delivery of supplies is in safe hands.

DISKO delivers overview
Weekly or monthly we deliver a complete digital and clear overview of all deliveries per customer. You then enter the billing itself out to the end user.

The logistics services of DISKO are clearly, quickly and efficiently.
This saves costs and concerns.