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15 years specialist in cleaning and maintenance products for hardware

2001: How it all started

A year which in the world was a lot going on. A year with a lot of happenings that are etched in everyone’s memory forever. 2001 is also the year that DISKO computer care saw the light. With the ambition to make dreams come true Disko began as a supplier of the already highly regarded DISKO cleaning and maintenance of hardware.

The first years were characterized by exploring the market, building brand awareness and confidence of clients. Soon the success came. The DISKO cleaning products found their way into major hardware vendors, IT service organizations and end-users. Still today there are clients from the beginning period which are customer of DISKO.


2004: International expansion

DISKO computer care is co-owner of the international DISKO organization. From reseller to producer, a major step that speed up the development of DISKO. We open a new production center in Vienna, we are going in "international" and the product portfolio is expanding strongly. Today we deliver our DISKO products in 18 European countries, we have a product range of over 80 different articles, we supply a wide range of private label products and we investing strongly in product innovation and new marketing concepts.


2008: Expansion of the business

Besides cleaning and maintenance products for hardware DISKO offers also a wide range of ICT services. From computer cleaning to hardware migrations and IT relocations to narrow casting; DISKO supply’s a lot of services which are carried out with great diligence, flexibility and enthusiasm.

Today we have partnerships with large and leading clients. Based on our experience, we are increasingly being asked to be a partner to realize large IT projects. Our background as a product specialist of cleaning products for hardware offers us some additional benefit.


2015: An organization with ambition

For almost 15 years we pursue a high standard of quality in the delivery of our products and services. We built customer relationships of which we are proud, we realized projects that contributes to a healthy continuity of the organization and we take up challenges to develop and discover new things.

We can make this happen along with an enthusiastic team and a fresh look to a rapidly changing world. But mostly we remain ourselves: a business where good customer relationships and keep up to our core values. We do not only want this today, but also tomorrow and the day after.